Welcome to Teddy’s World – Owen Wilson Photography

This is a cute and colourful selection of images. We really enjoy photographing these little guys, they are so much fun to work with. Choosing the scene and then the Teddies to suit it. We make some of the props and clothing but buying them is also great fun. When we’re out and about we always have our eyes open looking for props and new ideas for this series.

We shoot the Teddies mainly for calendars, they would also be ideal for children’s cards, books and prints to brighten up a child’s room. We find the older generations enjoy them just as much as the kids, they like to look for all the little trinkets and bits we put into them.

The lighting techniques used in these images are the key to great images. We enhance different parts of the image to give it that wow factor. The attention to detail with every tiny piece set just right gives us that and the viewer plenty to see.

Teddies Near the Beach

We have more images like these which you can also see by going to www.owenwilson.net.au and selecting Teddy’s World in the categories. Enjoy!