The Sunshine Coast – Explored by Owen Wilson

The Sunshine Coast is one of my favourite spots to photograph. It has it all, The Glasshouse mountains, pineapple plantations, Buderim Falls, Sunshine Plaza, Mooloolaba and Maroochydore, The SS dicky may it rest in peace and Montville a quaint little town full of treasures and nick knacks.

The Sunshine Coast
D700 Nikon Camera, 3sec exposure, f16 aperture, ISO 100, using a 70-200mm lens

The Beautiful Glasshouse Mountains, Mt Coonowrin and Mt Crook Neck at twilight with a full moon, so very picturesque. There’s something calming about the Glasshouse Mountains. This was my Honeymoon spot years ago when the pineapple plantations where everywhere, nothing better than to taste a pineapple freshly picked from the plantation, juicy and sweet. We camped in a cabin below Mt. Tibrogargan, it had a pineapple plantation right at our doorstep, just magic.

Glasshouse Mountains
D200 Nikon Camera, 1/125sec exposure, f16 aperture, ISO 100, using a 24-70mm lens

Doesn’t look like that today, most of the pineapple plantations have been pulled out. We also visited the Buderim Ginger factory, which is no longer in Buderim, it is now located in Yandina. When we were there it had these delicious ginger cream chocolates and ginger beer not like the one you get today, but that’s progress, nothing stays the same. You could also watch how they made the chocolates from above. Enough of the memoirs.

Buderim Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. Surrounded by lush greenery looks untouched.

Buderim Falls
D200 Nikon Camera, 2.5sec exposure, f22 aperture, ISO 100, using a 20mm lens

Buderim Falls located in Buderim Forest Park, with babbling brooks, cascading waters and tall trees only 10 mins from the coast, yet it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere.

Montville is another quaint little town full of market stalls and cafes. My favourite is Poets Café.

D700 Nikon Camera, 8sec exposure, f16 aperture, ISO 200, using a 70-200mm lens

So tranquil now but wait till the markets open and it becomes a bustling busy little town way up in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.

D100 Nikon Camera, 1/125sec exposure, f16 aperture, ISO 200, using a 24-70mm lens

Maroochydore is also located on the Sunshine Coast it seems a quiet little metropolis with beaches and waterways to while away the hours. Maroochydore the major commercial centre of the Sunshine coast, it has some of the most popular surfing beaches not to be short changed Mooloolaba has plenty to offer as well.

D800 Nikon Camera, 1/13sec exposure, f16 aperture, ISO 200, using a 24-70mm lens

With it’s peaceful marina offering restaurants and cafes. All within sight of the water, the Wharf Marina has quite a lot to offer.

Now for the ladies the best place for shopping is the Sunshine plaza with all the shops you could ask for, no need to leave for a bite to eat either there are plenty of food and beverage outlets to satisfy anyone. Not only is it a shopping complex but its pretty spectacular to photograph also.

D700 Nikon Camera, 2.5sec exposure, f8 aperture, ISO 200, using a 24-70mm lens

Night brings out the best for photographic opportunities. And then we have Dicky beach home of the ill-fated SS Dicky, the last remnants were removed from the beach not so long ago to safeguard visitors from harm. What a shame here are two images one much earlier and one not long before it’s removal.

Dicky beach
D700 Nikon Camera, 59sec exposure, f8 aperture, ISO 200, using a 24-70mm lens

What a marvellous sunrise it was. And then the twilight before its demise.

Sunrise and Twilight
D800 Nikon Camera, 20sec exposure, f8 aperture, ISO 50, using a 70-200mm lens

Eerie yet beautiful. I hope this has heightened your taste for travel. Now all you need do is go there.

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