The Crater Lakes National Park Photography By Owen Wilson

60kilometres or 1 hour from Cairns Queensland lie 2 lakes formed volcanically in the Crater Lakes National Park. The Crater lakes National park consists of 2 sections Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine.

They are both clear blue crater lakes encompassed by tall rainforest. They both have walking trails. Lake Barrine is the only one offering rainforest boat tours and giant Bull Kauri trees.

Lake Barrine

D700 Nikon, 1/250 sec exposure, f6.2 aperture, 200 ISO, 24-70mm Lens

Lake Barrine also features a tea house with restaurant facilities. When I was there, I enjoyed the barramundi fish with macadamia, delicious. The Boat tour was very interesting and full of information. The area is tranquil and quiet.

Lake Barrine

D700 Nikon, 1/500 sec exposure, f3.2 aperture, 200 ISO, 24-70mm lens

Lake Eacham however has picnic facilities and the only one offering swimming facilities, it is located 8 kilometres further up the Gillies Range.

Lake Eacham

D800 Nikon, 1/500 sec exposure, f2.8 aperture, 200 ISO, 24-70mm lens

The pristine blue lake can be viewed from the air to show its true form. Lake Barrine (above) is the largest of the 2 lakes.

Pristine Blue Lake

D800 Nikon, 1/500 sec exposure, f3.5 aperture, 200 ISO, 24-70mm lens

The vastness of the lake is also seen from the air. It appears to be in the middle of nowhere. The rainforest surround is also apparent.

When I think of the Crater lakes, I wonder just how long ago these Crater lakes were active volcanoes. We have so many beautiful and varied attributes in this wonderful country of ours, how many are yet to be discovered? For more images of the crater lakes and Cairns visit