Teddy’s World What Next?- Owen Wilson Photography

Since we have had several inquiries regarding what happens next with Teddy, we decided to post another blog regarding this subject.

1/125 sec exposure, f/22 aperture, 100 ISO, using Nikon D200 with a 18-2oomm lens

We have many and varied ideas regarding what Teddy gets up to. We have Farmer Teddy where we utilized a small tractor to suit the small teddies in our collection of models, using various props like small pumpkins different types of artificial grasses sometimes we use natural greenery and foliage, we also use mosses and flora. Here we have a scene with Teddy visiting a neighbor farmer to help him harvest his pumpkins so he can start cultivating the ground for the next crop. Putting a scenery image in the background such as The Flinders Ranges. This is an actual print used as a backdrop, where sometimes we use an image and deep etch the teddy scene into it. This image is part of our on the land series.

1/125 sec exposure, f/1.0 aperture, 100 ISO, shot using Nikon D200 under studio lighting

This idea was conceived by the passing of The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. We dressed Teddy in Khaki, found an amazing little hat and added a shark tooth band to it to represent Crocodile teeth. Made a pole with rope to top jaw rope the crocodile and put a garden figure of a croc’s head in a little pond we made up on our work table in the studio, decorated it with rocks and moss, some water lilies and water. Set up the studio lighting and took several shots to get the lighting just right for our perfect shot. Using a picture of Elabana falls for the backdrop giving it that three-dimensional look and hey presto we have our Croc hunter Teddy shot.

 Next Teddy became an artist, painting this gorgeous picture of his niece on a rocking horse. This image was shot in our studio with studio lighting. We inserted a duplicate of the Teddy on the rocking horse into a layer mask and placed it on the canvas. Great effect.

1/125 sec exposure, f/32 aperture, 100 ISO using Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm lens

The backdrop was also painted by us. We can be very creative when needed. I think you will agree it had the desired effect. This was part of our occupation’s series.

The following image is part of our season’s series, Autumn. We have two little bays fishing in a pond with a wharf and a row boat. Everything was made by us except the row boat, which we borrowed from a friend. The entire set was built on our studio table water and all. The little wharf was made from twigs and branches, decorating the set with autumn leaves to create the mood. Take notice of the splash where the teddy on the wharf has cast his line. We have added every detail.

1/125 sec exposure, f/32 aperture, 100 ISO using Nikon D200 and a 18-70mm lens and studio lighting.

The lighting makes all the difference, it brings authenticity to the outdoor scene. Our lighting techniques are the be all and end all of our studio settings.

The following image is from our winter and snow series. The Teddy couple live in the woods and have gathered and chopped some wood for their cosy fire in their little cabin. The lighting in the cabin is created with a tea light candle the smoke is added later. We sprayed the entire set with snow spray and use fibre filling to create the snow-covered ground.

6sec exposure, f/8 aperture,50 ISO, using Nikon D800 and a 24-70mm lens and studio lighting.

The entire set created on my Studio Table.

I actually had to cut and chop each piece of wood myself to keep it authentic. I hope this has quenched your appetites for more on Teddy.

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