Fine Arts Photo Library by Owen Wilson

Here at Owen Wilson Photography we pride ourselves with our images in fine arts. These images are only available as prints, we won’t sell the digital image and we never sell our copyright on any of our images. Mostly these images are panoramas.

Photo Library Sydney
Photo Library Sydney

The beauty of the digital camera is that you can make a panorama from several files by stitching them together and creating some magnificent images. Using a small telephoto lens such as 70-135mm allowing 25% overlap for each image you are able to create a very nice Panoramic image. If you use a wide-angle lens such as 20mm you really need to overlap approximately 50% for each image to overcome the curvature of the lens if slightly tiled up or down. This will allow you to stitch the images together easier to compensate for the curvature.

Photo Library Brisbane
Photo Library Brisbane

Some of my shots saved in my photo library were horizontal, but I mostly shoot vertical, giving me a larger and better image to work with, end result a sharper, clearer image. I always use a tripod to shoot the images for my panoramas this gives me the best possible images to work with. Sooting around f11-f16 this gives a sharper images from corner to corner, for example if you shoot f2.8-f5.6 you can get a bit of blurring in the corners, so when you stitch the images together there will be blurriness in the connecting points of your panorama, the end result will not look great. This is the main reason for using a tripod, allowing for the use of a lower shutter speed on the camera, enabling you to shoot using aperture f16.

Panoramas range in length and height depending on the size of the images taken and the amount of cropping needed, also the amount of information needed for the area captured.

Photo Library Melbourne
Photo Library Melbourne

For instances the Echuca panorama above needed more length to capture the wharf and the boats, and to give it depth.

Photo Library Tasmania
Photo Library Tasmania

This image of Govett’s Leap above had enough length to capture the landscape and there wasn’t a lot of sky, so it fills the panorama without cropping. This was the same with the Melbourne panorama. Whereas the Port Macquarie panorama was like the Echuca panorama needing more length thus giving more sky, so cropping was necessary to fill the panorama.

Six Mile creek - Owen Wilson Photography
Six Mile creek – Owen Wilson Photography

This image of Six Mile creek was great because the length captured the creek in its entirety and filled the panorama.

Three sisters Katoomba - Owen Wilson Photography
Three sisters Katoomba – Owen Wilson Photography

This panorama of the Three sisters Katoomba was enhanced with the Kookaburra and Waratah complimenting the shot.

To see more of these amazing panoramas visit and if you wish you can order one for your wall.

A Brief of The Koala

As one of our native animals these little fellows are to be treasured. Only eating Eucalyptus leaves, one Koala can eat about 1 kg per day, they drink very little water and sleep up to 18 hours per day.

Owen Wilson Photography - Koala and two joeys

Koalas are marsupials, meaning they carry and develop their young in a pouch. They are also mammals feeding their young on milk. A young koala is only very small, hairless and blind when born. They make their way into the mother’s pouch without any assistance, once there they develop fully for the next 6 months, then emerge from the pouch and ride on mums back for a further 6months. Although very cute and cuddly, it is not recommended to pick one up without the help of a qualified supervisor.

Owen Wilson Photography - Little joey out on his own or is he looking for mother

I enjoyed photographing these koalas, as they are very inquisitive, while they are awake, so feeding time is the best time to capture their animated activities. They each have their own personality, as you will see when you visit where you can view my selection of Koala images, under wildlife in the categories.

Owen Wilson Photography - This little Koala is enjoying his find of juicy Eucalyptus leaves

There is a koala hospital in Port Macquarie which cares for orphaned, sick and injured koalas, it is open to the public and visitors are welcome.