My Experience in Melbourne

In May last year I had the chance to spend some time in Melbourne, a beautiful city to photograph. Night views were particularly colourful, with all the coloured lighting reflecting on the Yarra River. There were numerous photographic spots along the Yarra which incorporated the CBD buildings and lighting alike in some amazing reflections. The parks are also great for photographing and the historic buildings, I only had 3 days but managed to capture some wonderful shots like this one.

I stayed in the Crowne Plaza Hotel seen in this image, which was conveniently located so as I could walk to all the locations I photographed and more. There are more images of Melbourne shot during my visit on my website just look in the Category Melbourne under Victoria.


I visited other locations in Victoria during my trip like Beechworth, Bright and Echuca to name a few. All these are also found under Victoria on the website.