Port Douglas and Daintree, A Shoot by Owen Wilson

Located in the far north of Queensland, lies paradise, lush tropical Rainforest, sandy beach resorts, pristine coral reefs.

tropical Rainforest
Nikon D700 camera, 1/125 sec Shutter speed, f4.5 Aperture, ISO 200 using 24-70mm lens

Marina Mirage Port Douglas, luxurious yachts, cruise boats and deep-sea fishing charter boats all start here.

Nikon D800 camera, 1/125sec shutter speed, f6.3 aperture, ISO200 using 24-70mm lens

Cape Tribulation is the gateway to the Barrier Reef, where you can snorkel, dive, paddle board or kayak.

It’s hard to image going from Lush Rainforest to Barrier reef in a matter of minutes. Cross the Daintree River by car ferry into a lush rainforest.

Lush Rainforest to Barrier reef

D700 Nikon camera, 1/400sec shutter speed, f4.5 aperture, ISO 200, using 70-200mm lens

Daintree rain forest in fact. The world’s oldest rainforest, with tropical plants and wildlife. Crocodiles swim in the Daintree river, they can be seen sunning themselves on the banks or logs.

tropical plants and wildlife

D700 Nikon Camera, 1/250 sec shutter speed, f4.5 aperture, ISO 200, using 24-70mm lens

Walk amid the palms and moss-covered rocks, maybe see a Brush Turkey or even a cassowary if you’re lucky.

D700 Nikon Camera, 0.6sec shutter speed, f2.8 aperture, ISO200, using 24-70mm lens

There is an amazing scene waiting at every turn when walking through the Daintree Rainforest. There are loads of wonderful secluded areas in this rainforest with romantic swimming holes, tropical climate and lush greenery, what more could one ask for.

Moss Covered Rocks

D800 Nikon Camera, 30sec shutter speed, f16aperture, ISO 50, Using 24-70mm lens and a polarising filter

Mossman Gorge with its giant granite boulders and moss-covered rocks, part of Daintree National Park. Many hours can be spent just wandering the walking trails, immersing oneself in nature so to speak.

All this located just a short trip from Port Douglas.

D700 Nikon Camera, 1/500 sec shutter speed, f5.6 aperture, ISO 200 using 70-200mm lens

Then just to give you even more there is Four-mile beach.

A true tropical paradise, warm climate most of the year, beautiful sunsets.

tropical paradise beautiful sunsets.

D800 Nikon Camera, 1/8000 sec shutter speed, f11 aperture, ISO 50, using 24-70mm lens

Caps off an awesome adventure or just a fun day.

For the camera buffs, my kit for this trip was both Nikon D700 and D800 cameras, 24-70mm lens and a 70-200mm lens

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