Pictures of Cats and Dogs Taken by Owen Wilson

Cats and dogs are so different in their temperament and personalities. We had a wonderful and sometimes trying time photographing these wonderful creatures.

Puppies and dogs were a great pleasure to photograph and so much fun. The most playful puppy we photographed was this little pug, she was such a joy.

Always entertaining and energetic.

Sometimes we would have 2 or 3 and one time we had 4 cute little miniature foxy cross puppies, they were so adorable, we could do anything with them. But as luck would have it or not our files got mixed up and we lost the rest of the images we had of them. So, this is the one and only. There’s a lesson in this, always save your images and most importantly name them, so you can find them, and then they won’t be saved over.

We have also photographed some large dogs as well, like this dalmatian.

Cats on the other hand can be quite difficult to photograph, since they have a mind of their own, they are not always cooperative. We have photographed all types from your typical house cat the moggy. Like these two mischievous little ones.

To some very exotic Balinese and Chin chillas, these seemed to be more temperamental than most.

And we have the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous Rag doll cat. She was simply wonderful, nothing was a both to her.

All the images featured in this blog were shot in a studio setting using professional lighting. Most were shot using Nikon D100 or D200, the lighting is an intricate part of studio work, and it is important to capture eye contact with your subject.

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