Owen Wilson Took Some Photograph in Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park is located on the Gold Coast hinterland Queensland. It features the Border and McPherson Ranges, numerous waterfalls and is riddled with walking trails, a bushwalkers paradise. The waterfalls are situated among lush rainforests, gorgeous mountain vistas and Artic Beech forests.

Border Track starting from O’Rielly’s and linked with Coomera Circuit is a day well spent walking. These two trails combined take in 22kms of pure amazement and wonder. Located on Border trail Elabana Falls is one of the most stunning Falls you will see.

D700 Nikon, 1.3 sec aperture, f16 aperture, 100 ISO, 24-70mm lens
D700 Nikon, 1.3 sec aperture, f16 aperture, 100 ISO, 24-70mm lens

Another waterfall and the star attraction to Lamington National Park is Chalahn Falls on Toolona Creek as is Elabana, simply gorgeous.

Coomera Falls
D700 Nikon, 1.3 sec exposure, f22 aperture, 100 ISO, 24-70mm lens

About 1.9 kilometres along Border Track you come to a fork in the track , take the right fork and you begin a truly amazing adventure. The first falls you come to is Coomera Falls about 5.5 kilometres down

D200 Nikon, 0.6 sec exposure, f14 aperture, 100 ISO, 14-24mm lens

This is a 2 drop waterfall of about 64metres. Just above Coomera is Yarrabilgong falls (not seen in this image), next comes Bahnamboola Falls.

D200 Nikon, 5 sec aperture, f16 shutter speed, 100 ISO, 14-24mm lens

Then Neerigomindalala Falls this circuit is about 17.4 kilometres long taking about 5-6 hours to walk before it links back to Border Track where you will walk among the Antarctic Beech trees and the Best of all Lookout along the Binna Burra range. This walk incorporating both Border Track and Coomera Circuit takes roughly 10-12 hours to navigate depending on stops made along the way.

D200 Nikon, 3 sec exposure, f16 aperture, 100 ISO, 14-24mm lens

Another Gorgeous waterfall on the coomera circuit is Chigiunya, with a very tempting pool at the base of the falls.

D200 Nikon camera, 2sec exposure, f16 aperture, 100 ISO, 24-70mm lens
D200 Nikon camera, 2sec exposure, f16 aperture, 100 ISO, 24-70mm lens

These trees are from the ancient past. Covered in moss adding to the experience walking along Border Track in Lamington National Park.

D700 Nikon, 5 sec exposure, f22 aperture, 100 ISO, 24-70mm lens

These giants of long ago in all their splendour, mingled with tree ferns and a lush rainforest, plenty of wildlife what more could you ask for.

For all those budding photographers out there, this is what have in my kit on this trip. 14-24mm zoom lens, 24-70mm lens and my favourite small telephoto lens 70-200mm this is my main lens kit. Of course, not to forget a polarising filter to take the sheen of vegetation and waterfalls, and the trusty tripod, light wet weather gear plus a small snack and most importantly water.

After good rainfall and overcast to rainy day would be preferable to give you the best shots. Add to this a little mist and we have perfection, but of course there is no controlling the weather. For more images relating to this topi

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