Let’s Explore Rockhampton Cattle Country

Rockhampton Cattle Country
Rockhampton Cattle Country

As this image depicts Rockhampton, it is the cattle producing area on Queensland’s Capricorn Coast. There are several bull statues in Rockhampton, this one is welcoming you to Rockhampton. Vandals play havoc with these statues; removal of their family jewels is prevalent.

Braford bull, Brahman cross Hereford

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This one is of a Braford bull, Brahman cross Hereford. These statues are all bulls and are placed in strategic spots all over Rockhampton in Honour of the different breeds produced here.

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Brahman seem to be most popular due to there versatility and ability to cope with extreme weather and strong teeth for the harshest of grasses.

Rockhampton also has beautiful scenery and some wonderful attractions such as the Capricorn caves.

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This cave is in use as a Cathedral and weddings are performed here from time to time. So, besides their beauty they have their uses as well. Another such attraction are the thunder eggs located 36 kilometres west of Rockhampton along the Capricorn Highway. Thousands of Thunder eggs (also known as volcanic birthstones) are still being unearthed at Mount Hay gemstone tourist park, so why not go have a dig and see for yourself and while your near visit Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast. You will be surprised what you see there.

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These are just a few of the Thunder Eggs uncovered at Mount Hay, they come in all shapes and sizes, everyone a treasure to behold.

Kershaw Gardens is well worth a visit with its tropical gardens and waterfalls, water features etc. So, don’t miss it.

Rockhampton has many historical buildings too, which add to the character of the region. There is the historic bank, Customs House and this one The Criterion Hotel Motel, great place to stay with meals and beverages to please the palate.

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Other places near by like Yeppoon and the Singing Ship, a commemorative reminder of Captain James Cook and his exploration in this area in 1770. The Singing ship represents the billowing sail, mast and rigging of the Endeavour, Captain Cook’s ship. The eerie music is produced by way of concealed Organ pipes catching the sea breeze, which gives a mystical illusion.

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Or maybe you’d rather snorkel, encompassed in the Capricorn Coast are some wonderful Islands with reefs like Lady Musgrave, pictured below

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Or if you prefer to truly be at one with nature try an ECO Island like Lady Elliott, well worth the trip. Lady Elliott is only accessible by plane and there is a limit as to how much luggage you can take. Everything pretty much goes in and comes out by plane.

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Mount Morgan a historic Gold smelter and mining town. It was founded in 1882 with vast amounts of Gold, Silver and Copper mined here. Only a 40min drive from Rockhampton along Capricorn way, a must for all visitors.

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Night life is also beautiful in Rockhampton, with the beauty of the Fitzroy River, Rockhampton’s main River enhances the experience.

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When you leave Rockhampton, you are farewelled by the Brahman bull wishing you a safe and happy journey. So, there we have it, Capricorn Coast, add it to your bucket list and enjoy the trip.

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