Grafton Jacarandas – An Eye Soothing Picture Presented by Owen Wilson Photography


Jacaranda trees Grafton Northern

Jacaranda trees Grafton Northern

I usually try to capture the Jacaranda trees in Grafton every year. They are so spectacular, with their purple carpets of flowers beneath the trees making them even more so. Kent Street in Grafton is one of my favourite locations, if I time it just right the images I Capture are magnificent, just like this one.

This image made the top 10 list in Earthporm’s 20 most marvellous streets shaded by trees and flowers. It came in at No.9 after Valencia, Spain. Yes, sitting there in 9th position was my image, Jacaranda tree lined street Grafton. I have no idea who sent this image into the competition, but believe it made its way through several channels to be selected for the website as one of the world’s most stunning floral avenues. The image clocked up more than 6,000 views.

I was delighted when the Daily Examiner rang me for an interview, where it was published, with the title ‘On a purple street of fame’. I am so Thankful to the person who entered my image and very flattered.

I used a telephoto lens to pull it in tight to give that nice tunnel effect to the trees. I rely on friends to let me know when the trees are at their peak since I don’t live in Grafton and then jump in the car and drive up that same day.
This image has featured on the Northern NSW calendars several times, a particular favourite of mine.

I do have other images of the Grafton Jacarandas, which you will find on my website under Northern NSW. So Go on take a look.