Five Kookaburras Are Watching Something Special

Wildlife is a passion of mine particularly birds. There are so many beautiful birds in this country of ours. Kookaburras are especially interesting with their inquisitive nature. They remind me of times I spent camping while on a photographic shoot, I’d often have a Bar be Que lunch and there they’d be watching and waiting for the chance to take a piece of meat from my plate when I wasn’t looking, not at all shy.

One time while having a BBQ, there they were, five of them perched above my BBQ, just waiting for there chance, I just happened to have my camera at the ready to grab this wonderful shot. Not often you find Five kookaburras sitting together and all facing the same direction.


I couldn’t wait to see if I had captured the shot I wanted. This shot has been a popular one as far as sales go. I have several images of Kookaburras in my portfolio, all of them showing what keen hunters they are. After they have caught and eaten their prey you can hear them smacking that large strong beak of theirs on a branch of the tree they like to perch in. You can see all my images of Kookaburras and other birds on my website in the category wildlife under birds.