Brisbane River Fire Festival – Captured by Owen Wilson

The Story Bridge in Brisbane is similar to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in that it is used for many an occasion whether it be to light up the sky with fireworks for the River fire festival or just to light up for Christmas.

River fire festival Brisbane

D700 Nikon, 20 sec exposure, f11 aperture, 100 ISO. 24-70mm lens

It is excellent for the backdrop for the River Fire Festival fireworks. Easy to get to for residents and tourists alike. An icon for Brisbane you might say.

The River Fire Festival is held each year in September.

The Story bridge is the longest steel cantilever bridge in Australia, it spans the Brisbane River and has been heritage listed since 1992.

South Bank Brisbane is the home of the Sunsuper River Fire Festival with the Fireworks being the finale to Queensland’s largest Arts and Cultural event. Brisbane City skies come alive with bursts of colour to light up the night with a pyrotechnic extravaganza.

Sunsuper River Fire Festival

D700 Nikon, 30sec exposure, f11 aperture, 100 ISO, 24-70mm lens

The Story Bridge is also lit up on other occasions such as Christmas.

Story Bridge River fire festival

D810 Nikon, 84sec exposure, f16 aperture, 100 ISO, 14-24mm lens

Brisbane has a wealth of beautiful vantage points to view the city from, one of my favorite spots to photograph in Kangaroo Point.

Photograph in Kangaroo Point

D810 Nikon, 14sec exposure, f11 aperture, 100 ISO, 14-24mm lens

Both night and day shots, show the river off enhanced by the city skyline. Twilight is great too.

D810 Nikon, 5 sec exposure, f14 aperture, 100 ISO, 14-24mm lens

For the budding Photographers, I use 14-24mm and 24-70mm lens for fireworks. Tip: no polarising filter, 4sec exposure, F8 aperture,100 ISO and of course always use tripod for stability, giving you great, clear firework shots.

Everything happens in South Bank and River Fire is just one event. To view more of my images of Brisbane and River Fire festival visit

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