Pictures of Cats and Dogs Taken by Owen Wilson

Cats and dogs are so different in their temperament and personalities. We had a wonderful and sometimes trying time photographing these wonderful creatures.

Puppies and dogs were a great pleasure to photograph and so much fun. The most playful puppy we photographed was this little pug, she was such a joy.

Always entertaining and energetic.

Sometimes we would have 2 or 3 and one time we had 4 cute little miniature foxy cross puppies, they were so adorable, we could do anything with them. But as luck would have it or not our files got mixed up and we lost the rest of the images we had of them. So, this is the one and only. There’s a lesson in this, always save your images and most importantly name them, so you can find them, and then they won’t be saved over.

We have also photographed some large dogs as well, like this dalmatian.

Cats on the other hand can be quite difficult to photograph, since they have a mind of their own, they are not always cooperative. We have photographed all types from your typical house cat the moggy. Like these two mischievous little ones.

To some very exotic Balinese and Chin chillas, these seemed to be more temperamental than most.

And we have the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous Rag doll cat. She was simply wonderful, nothing was a both to her.

All the images featured in this blog were shot in a studio setting using professional lighting. Most were shot using Nikon D100 or D200, the lighting is an intricate part of studio work, and it is important to capture eye contact with your subject.

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Mackay and Sugar cane

The sugar cane industry is a very important part of Mackay agriculture. The 1,600 farms in Mackay area are mostly predominantly owned and operated by families. These families supply 4 mills.

Sugar cane being harvested into trucks towed by tractors. The harvesting period is from late May to mid-November depending on the weather.

Burning the fields is mostly to eradicate rats and snakes before harvesting, these days green harvesting is the preferred method, to avoid losses due to wet weather and to reduce environmental impact.

It is quite a spectacular site to behold when a cane field is burning. I was privileged to see this on one of my trips through Mackay.

This is the green harvest method, with the harvest being loaded into a truck pulled by a tractor.

When the cane is cut green the leaf matter is discarded and used for mulching paddocks ready for planting the following years crop.

Once the trucks are full the tractors then transport the cane to the nearest rail siding to wait for the cane train to collect it and transport it to one of 4 mills in the region.

Here we see a locomotive fully laided with cane, crossing avia duct.

The rail network covers from Waroonga to Munbura and Finch Hatton. There are some 40 locomotives used in Mackay region, transporting 8,100 bins with a capacity of between 5 and 15 tonne.The largest of these carry a load of 180 6 tonne bins and reach upto 800 meters in length.

There are some 500 sidings like this located across the Mackay sugar region, not all a by the roadside. Some have a roll on roll off facility.

Mackay is a fascinating place to stop not only for its sugar industry but has some beautiful scenery also.

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Cresent Head Santa Surf 2018 Captured by Owen Wilson

On Christmas Eve I decided to photograph the 7th annual Cresent Head Santa Surf. I was overwhelmed by the number of participants. It was so spectacular with all the red and white in the water. From children to adults of all ages, even dogs were dressed in their red and white Christmas outfits.

The parade started 5oo meters above the bridge on Killick Creek and the participants paddle to the ocean

Some chose to paddle in canoes, on surf boards, while others used pool noodles or anything, they had available.

Boards of all shapes and sizes to go with the shape and size of the participant.


where some continued on to surf and others returned to the beach to party on. A lot of fun was had by all. Kempsey Cresent Head Surf life saving club should be congratulated for all the effort put in to make this event such a success.

Cresent Head Beach is one of the most popular beaches for surfing and a great holiday destination on the Mid North Coast NSW.

The Life guards were on duty to make sure everyone was safe.

The dogs enjoyed the event as much as the people. I snapped this photo while the surfers were out on their boards and this little guy was happy to pose for me.

This was an enjoyable event for me also. Well worth the visit to Cresent Head, so don’t miss next year’s event 24th December. To view  more images of this event please visit


Welcome To The Owen Wilsons Teddys World

This is a cute category we have included in our website. Each year we produce 13 images for Bartel calendars and then add them to our website. We try to bring teddy to life and include him in everyday activities. He travels all over Australia, he has quite a social life. Based in Port Macquarie, he likes to fish and together with his business partner out to sea and bring back fish for market.  As you can see in this image he has all the required equipment.

Owen Wilson Teddy

This image is photographed in Port Macquarie and the teddies are shot in my studio. The two images are then deep etched and worked on to produce this great shot.

Teddy also likes to take his family on Picnics, this shot is of Bermagui on the South Coast NSW.

The Teddies are shot in the studio, and then deep etched into the scene. The lighting is the most important part, you need the Teddies to have the same lighting as the scene otherwise the image looks fake. We like to add all the bits and pieces to make up the scene. This is one of our favourite parts, shopping for props. All the little intricate detailed objects like the fruit the sandwiches, fishing rods, kite and surf boards everything a family would take with them on their picnic or day out.

The next image is for all those surfers out there, we have the surf boards on some very cute VW beetles. The guys have had their surf and are now enjoying an ice cream, and before the drive back home. The background image is of Yabbarra Beach near Narooma on the South Coast NSW.

And for the final image for this blog we have added Santa Teddy and his six white Boomers, in the outback on His Australian run.

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you enjoy the adventures of Teddys World. More of these delightful images can be viewed on our website in the category Teddys World.

Undara Lava Tubes – A Remarkable Photography by Owen Wilson

What an amazing place, I was privileged to go on a one on one guided tour. These lava tubes are only accessible by guided tours.

Undara Lava Tubes. This shot was captured using a torch to paint the walls with light, using a Nikon D800 with a 24-70mm lens on F8 and a shutter speed of 25sec ISO 200 no flash on a tripod.

Acclaimed as one of the longest lava tube systems in the world, opened to the public in 1990. Almost 200,00 years ago a massive eruption caused one of the rarest volcanic Phenomena on earth, A lava flow so large it could fill Sydney Harbour in Six days, it created the Undara lava tubes. The longest lava flow from a single volcano here in Australia, 23 cubic Kilometres of lava flowed into a river bed cooled and set on the outside but still molten on the inside and flowing a further 160 kilometres. Situated on the Eastern edge of North Queensland’s Savannah region. Located between Townsville and Cairns lies Undara Volcanic National Park.

There a gaping holes in the tubes, that allow for visitors accompanied by guides to enter, they are never completely dark due to these holes. Some of the tubes contain caves 10 metres high and 21 metres wide, hard to imagine? This photo gives you some perspective to the size.


Undara Lava Tubes – Owen Wilson Photography. This image is one of the entrances to the lava tubes. Taken using a Nikon D800, at 1/5 sec, F2.8 ISO 200 with a 24-70mm lens, no flash using atripod.

I found it to be fascinating and the guides provide such vast knowledge of the tubes it is worth paying a little extra for a one on one tour. The image below is the one I sold to Australia post for their Australian Caves Series, it was used as one of the four maxi cards, I was hoping for a stamp.

Stevenson Cave Undara Lava Tubes. This image was shot using a Nikon D800 camera with a 14-24mm lens, 8 sec shutter speed , ISO 200 and no flash natural light, on a tripod.

This was a unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience for me. Well worth a visit. You can see more of the image I took while visiting the lava tubes on my website under Queensland in the categories look in Cairns.

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Grafton Jacarandas – An Eye Soothing Picture Presented by Owen Wilson Photography


Jacaranda trees Grafton Northern
Jacaranda trees Grafton Northern

I usually try to capture the Jacaranda trees in Grafton every year. They are so spectacular, with their purple carpets of flowers beneath the trees making them even more so. Kent Street in Grafton is one of my favourite locations, if I time it just right the images I Capture are magnificent, just like this one.

This image made the top 10 list in Earthporm’s 20 most marvellous streets shaded by trees and flowers. It came in at No.9 after Valencia, Spain. Yes, sitting there in 9th position was my image, Jacaranda tree lined street Grafton. I have no idea who sent this image into the competition, but believe it made its way through several channels to be selected for the website as one of the world’s most stunning floral avenues. The image clocked up more than 6,000 views.

I was delighted when the Daily Examiner rang me for an interview, where it was published, with the title ‘On a purple street of fame’. I am so Thankful to the person who entered my image and very flattered.

I used a telephoto lens to pull it in tight to give that nice tunnel effect to the trees. I rely on friends to let me know when the trees are at their peak since I don’t live in Grafton and then jump in the car and drive up that same day.
This image has featured on the Northern NSW calendars several times, a particular favourite of mine.

I do have other images of the Grafton Jacarandas, which you will find on my website under Northern NSW. So Go on take a look.

Paronella Park, A Place You Can Find Only in Fairy Tales


Shot using a Nikon D700 using a 14-24mm lens with a shutter speed of 75 seconds on f22 and no flash on an overcast day.
Paronella Park – Owen Wilson Photography – Shot using a Nikon D700 using a 14-24mm lens with a shutter speed of 75 seconds on f22 and no flash on an overcast day.

Created by Jose` Paronella. Paronella Park was built 1930-1935 when it was opened to the public. One man’s dream fulfilled, built on 5 hectares of lush tropical paradise beside Mena Creek. The park works using a Hydro powered original 1930’s system.

The inspiration for this tropical paradise was this 45ft waterfall, which flows all year round with pristine spring water, known as Teresa Falls.

This shot was also taken on a Nikon D700 digital SLR camera using a 24-70mm lens on f2.8 with a shutter speed of 106 seconds using no flash, on an overcast day.
Owen Wilson Photography – Waterfall. This shot was also taken on a Nikon D700 digital SLR camera using a 24-70mm lens on f2.8 with a shutter speed of 106 seconds using no flash, on an overcast day. 

This gives that beautiful water flow movement effect enhanced only by the lighting provided for after dark tours of the park.
The lushness of the park is evident by the moss covering the building and these stairs. The park is inundated after high rainfall. This happens almost every year sometimes more than once.

This image was shot on the D800 Nikon only using a 14-24mm lens with a shutter speed of 75 seconds on f16 with no flash, on an overcast day.
Owen Wilson Photography – This image was shot on the D800 Nikon only using a 14-24mm lens with a shutter speed of 75 seconds on f16 with no flash, on an overcast day.

I find cloudy days gives the best light for shots like these, no harsh shadows and even light.
Paronella Park is situated along Canecutter Way between Silkwood and Innisfail. Truly a journey worth making to this wonderful piece of Australia, you won’t be disappointed. I enjoyed my visits immensely, I have been here several times now. If you would like to see more of my amazing images of this park, please visit look under Cairns in the Queensland categories.








My Experience in Melbourne

In May last year I had the chance to spend some time in Melbourne, a beautiful city to photograph. Night views were particularly colourful, with all the coloured lighting reflecting on the Yarra River. There were numerous photographic spots along the Yarra which incorporated the CBD buildings and lighting alike in some amazing reflections. The parks are also great for photographing and the historic buildings, I only had 3 days but managed to capture some wonderful shots like this one.

I stayed in the Crowne Plaza Hotel seen in this image, which was conveniently located so as I could walk to all the locations I photographed and more. There are more images of Melbourne shot during my visit on my website just look in the Category Melbourne under Victoria.


I visited other locations in Victoria during my trip like Beechworth, Bright and Echuca to name a few. All these are also found under Victoria on the website.

Five Kookaburras Are Watching Something Special

Wildlife is a passion of mine particularly birds. There are so many beautiful birds in this country of ours. Kookaburras are especially interesting with their inquisitive nature. They remind me of times I spent camping while on a photographic shoot, I’d often have a Bar be Que lunch and there they’d be watching and waiting for the chance to take a piece of meat from my plate when I wasn’t looking, not at all shy.

One time while having a BBQ, there they were, five of them perched above my BBQ, just waiting for there chance, I just happened to have my camera at the ready to grab this wonderful shot. Not often you find Five kookaburras sitting together and all facing the same direction.


I couldn’t wait to see if I had captured the shot I wanted. This shot has been a popular one as far as sales go. I have several images of Kookaburras in my portfolio, all of them showing what keen hunters they are. After they have caught and eaten their prey you can hear them smacking that large strong beak of theirs on a branch of the tree they like to perch in. You can see all my images of Kookaburras and other birds on my website in the category wildlife under birds.

Canberra Skyfire With Enlighten and the Balloon spectacular

Skyfire is an annual event in Canberra, it happens in March every year along with Enlighten and the Balloon spectacular. Held over Lake Burley Griffin and seen all through Commonwealth park. It’s the place to be if you are a photographer. With numerous vantage points to capture your perfect shot. Mount Ainslie, Red Hill and Regatta Point are typical, with great backdrops like Lake Burley Griffin, and The Parliament houses all lit up with Enlighten, there is plenty to see and capture through the lens of your camera.

Skyfire displays over 40,000 individual fireworks, with Music to compliment the action, sponsored by the local radio station it’s free, so what more could one ask for.

During the day you will see hot air balloons a plenty, firing up in the early hours and taking off from the reflection ponds in front of Parliament house.

Owen Wilson - Balloons

You will find more images like these on my website so what are you waiting for? Look me up and view the images, then tell all your friends.